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Intelligent toothbrushes assist in oral health management


Smart Toothbrushes Boost Oral Health Management

Innovation of Laser Technology in Stomatology


Laser technology brings innovation to dental medicine.

The Application of 3D Printing Technology in Stomatology


Innovative 3D printing technology revolutionizes dental care.

Research findings on the relationship between oral health and heart disease


A recent study reveals the link between oral health and heart disease.

27th Dental South China


Welcome to 27th 27th Dental South China. Our booth No: E 08/15.2 C

After-sales service


1. The strong and weak suction will not work, and the weak suction will become weak after a period of use.

Foshan Ziann in 2021 (Guangzhou)


FoshanNanhaiZiannmedicalApparatusCo.,Ltdin2017was takedpartinthe21thDentalSouthChinaInternationalExpo(Guangzhou)

The 37th German IDS 2017 in Koln



Maintenance of dental chair


Because the dental comprehensive treatment chair is a necessary equipment for dentists to treat patients, the utilization rate is high. It is also a device that integrates gas, water, and electricity. Daily maintenance is directly related to the length of equipment life and the equipment integrity rate, so daily maintenance work is particularly important.

Air compressor maintenance


The air compressor, as the name implies, is a machine that compresses air in a free state into a certain pressure energy (ie, compressed air). In the fields of machinery, mining,

Dental handpiece disinfection steps


Dental handpiece cleaning and disinfection? In addition to the saliva and blood of some patients, the surface of the used handpiece may also be stained with adhesives or dental filling materials.

6 details of dental handpiece maintenance


1 When using the handpiece, it must be lubricated strictly according to the instruction manual. Generally, the high-speed handpiece is lubricated twice a day. Low-speed mobile phones (straight machine, curved machine, motor) once a day.
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