It has more than 10 sets of international advanced printing equipment such as brand-new Heidelberg 8-color polishing UV printing machine, 71, 61 and 51 Heidelberg printing machine, as well as a series of complete post-processing equipment such as automatic bronzing machine, full-clean automatic die cutting machine, water-based automatic laminating machine, full-automatic polishing and polishing machine, full-clean automatic pasting machine, Pola high-speed computer paper cutting machine, automatic folding machine, carton production line, etc, it also has many advanced automatic production lines for hand-held bags, and a complete set of non-woven hand-held bag laminating and bag-making equipment.









1.90 degree rotating glass spittoon 1set
2.24V DC motor chair 1set            
3 LED operation light 1set            
4 Down mounted instrument tray  1set            
5 3-way syringe  (tray)hot water 1set            
6 3-way syringe  (asistant tray)cold  water 1set            
7 main control systerm 1set            
8.strong suction tube  1pcs
9.weak suction tube 1pcs
10 movable led viwer 1set            
11 water purification systerm 1set            
12 air brake instrument tray 1set            
13 urgency safety switch on/off 1set            
14.protective mat of instrument  tray  1set            
15 external box (or built-in box)  1set            
16. foot controller 1set            
17.keypress function for splitting  1set            
18.control box with main switch (water, air ,power) 1set    stool A 1set            
23.movable cabinet 1set            
25.the 3rd generation interal chair frame with improved compensation function 1set            
26.seamless pu cover for cushion   1set            
27.cast alumium cabinet  1set            
28.water one way valve (anti-backflow function) 1set            


Technical parameters
1 、 ZA-208C dental comprehensive therapy table
1.1, the minimum chair position is less than 430mm, and the maximum chair position is less than 720mm;
Chair load 135kg (without treatment machine);
Chair lifting speed is more than 15mms, and is very stable;
Cushion inclined angle is less than or equal to 10 degree;
Back 0 degrees to 70 degrees.
1.2, the headrest can be adjusted, head extension length of less than 120mm, head tilt angle of 20 degrees, tilt angle of 40 degrees
1.3, noise less than 45 decibels, the motor rotates with mute DC motor, ensure the safe use of the hospital.
1.4, the machine has a hand control and foot control four directions chair mode of operation, with the microcomputer control system, a reset and PLC (programmable controller: according to user requirements and to control the circuit with programming logic function).
1.5, the machine is handsome and conforms to the principles of human function, European style modeling, leather pad with artificial leather, seamless compression molding
2, therapeutic machine
2.1, the whole computer control, plane operation switch panel, convenient for doctors to observe and operate, and also not easy to cause wrong operation
2.1.1 chair position control: rise, fall, back, forward, reset and PLC function
2.1.2 shadowless lamp control: move the control switch. Shadowless lamp light intensity
2.1.3 water heater control: point action, open, close
2.1.4 mouthwash feed water control: inching operation, opening and closing, quantitative feed water setting function and automatic feed water supply function
2.1.5: move the spittoon flushing control operation, and automatic timing closing function, closing time can be set.
2.1.6 low voltage watch lamp control: pull, operate, turn on, turn off
2.2, instrument tray
Configuration: the use of two sets of four hole standard high-speed mobile phone.
Configuration: using a four hole standard (including bending straight, low-speed mobile phone mobile phone).
Configuration: a three gun (cold). (the gun head and the shell can be separated quickly, high temperature sterilization).
Configuration easy cleaning instrument plate and a set of 24V viewer.
Water regulating valve is located in the instrument right, bring convenience for doctors to work in the process of.
2.3, the assistant side
2.3.1 a strong suction, a weak suction
2.3.2 saliva suction tube can easily remove cleaning and disinfection.
The 2.3.3 is equipped with a three gun (hot). (spray gun and shell can be separated quickly and can be sterilized at high temperature)
2.4 、 oral cold light
Dental operation light can be divided two files, debugging, and low than 15000Lx, high-grade than 20000Lx, at a distance of 700mm lighting in the area of temperature rise of less than 8 degrees Celsius, the temperature of 5000 DEG kelvin.
2.5, toughened glass spittoon
2.5.1 easy to clean, easy to disinfect, easy to disassemble
The water velocity is larger than 4.5L/min. 2.5.2 spittoon
2.6, doctor seat
The doctor put a chair configuration of adjustable, adjustable height, mobile and flexible.
Dr. 2.6.1 chair lift range 130mm.
2.6.2 doctor chair maximum load is 135kg.


Spare parts
(1) 24V silent DC motor with little noise and reliable operation
(2) mobile silicon rubber hose and water proof PU inner tube, durable and not aging, hard
(3) the man made leather chair, durable and easy to aging.
(4) six angle diaphragm, durable
(5) the electromagnetic valve works reliably and is not easy to malfunction
(6) high pressure gas spring is used for a long time without trouble
(7) mobile control integrated valve control, easy to adjust
(8) physician seat cairica and stainless steel casters, reliable and safe use.

Other parameters
(1) inside (outside) to box, reduce the area, easy to clean.
(2) ex factory strictly according to GB9706.1 requirements, each of the dielectric strength, leakage current, grounding resistance measurement of three safety parameters.
(3) ordinary tap water, gas and power can work normally.
(4) installation area is 2 * 3 square meters.
(5) equipment factory is equipped with: manual, packing list, warranty card and responsible for the installation.


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